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The Results Are In


No doubt, 2020 has been tough for many businesses. Yet, the best of the best are seizing the opportunity to grow and expand in unique ways. This is an ideal time to strategically position ourselves for great things in the future.

The real question is: How do we continue to invest in our team’s professional development, resilience, and enthusiasm and maximize our budgeting dollars?

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This “new norm” is real, and as leaders, we embrace change! We use it to our advantage, we boldly move forward (no armor on the back!) and discover new, creative ways to succeed. 

In large, our success depends upon our teams...our people. A strong and capable “front line” is essential to a well-oiled team that thrives through all conditions. They are the cogs that make the wheels efficiently turn. Therefore, the most important line item in your budget is that of the investment in, and development of, your people.

As experts in the field of personal and professional development, we’ve been busy testing the theory that leadership skills can be learned remotely, virtually, and through online methods. We’ve become obsessed with it!

The Results Are In

We have discovered that leadership skills can in fact be learned online, and as our daily lives have shifted to online mediums, what better place to learn them?

The brilliance of Rapport’s e-learning is that we’ve combined relevant and dynamic content with engaging, user-friendly platforms, to be experienced from the convenience, comfort, and safety of the environment of their choice.

Rapport offers two different styles of online courses. Our Front-Line Leadership Certification is an e-learning class that your key managers can attend as their schedules permit, working at their own pace with a focused curriculum, developing on-the-ground skills necessary to lead with confidence in all climates.

In addition, Rapport has adapted our traditional immersive courses, Leadership Breakthrough One and Power Communication, into live virtual courses with our exceptional Master Trainers leading classes in real-time with participants having the opportunity to interact with both the Trainers and each other. Accountability is key. Our methods are sound and as effective as what you would expect from our organization.

Now is the time. Today is essential. JFDI!

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