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Why Is Confidence So Important?

by Rapport on August 30, 2019

Do either of these situations sound familiar?

You’re sitting in a meeting at work. You’ve got something to add to the conversation, yet there’s just so much chatter going back and forth that you’re afraid to interject.

Or perhaps, you’ve just wa...

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What Happens at Rapport Leadership?

by Rapport on August 19, 2019

Your boss, spouse, mentor, or dear friend has just told you that they'd like you to go through a Rapport course. "It will change your life," they say. "You'll become a better version of yours...

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How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams With Mindset Alone

by Rapport on June 25, 2019

Do you ever find yourself staring out the window, thinking about the future? Maybe you're in your office waiting for the clock to strike quitting time. Maybe you're at your child's martial arts practice counting down to the final bow. Either way, while your body i...

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